BOOK: The Harlem Renaissance – CLASS SET of 25 books (minimum order)



The Harlem Renaissance (Plus FREE teaching guidelines and FREE and FEE ONLINE lesson plans and supplements – see Lesson Plans and Supplements menus) soft cover

Editor: Jesse Bryant Wilder

Authors and Consultants include: Yusek Komunyakaa (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet), Paul S. Ferguson (Head of the Jazz Division, Dept. of Music, Case Western Reserve Univ., former trombonist for the new Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras, Director of the Ohio Jazz Orchestra for Youth, and contributor to Jazz Player magazine ), Dr. Atwood Gaines (Dept. of Anthropology, Case Western Reserve Univ.), Carolyn Jackson Smith (Professor of Theater and African American Studies, Oberlin College), Josephine Wright (Professor of Music and Black Studies, College of Wooster, editor of American Music, and general editor of the new Garland Book Series, Music in African-American Culture (1770s-1920s),Tom Scheuerman (Athens, Ohio-based writer), Jesse Bryant Wilder (editor of NEXUS)

” ‘When Harlem Was Heaven,’ An exuberant three-page overview whose atmospheric approach does not fail to acknowledge that during that period, as Langston Hughes put it, “the Negro was in vogue.” While recognizing that the “marketability” of African American culture was driven by white tourists, the introduction still gives a good accounting of the achievements made possible by the “vogue” and includes recollections of Harlem life from Hughes, Dorothy West, and others…” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

“‘Songs of the Seventh Son’ is one of many thoughtful chapters in The Harlem Renaissance volume of NEXUS….Each volume…is a hybrid of a well-written interdisciplinary textbook and a lively, attractive magazine.” Classroom Notes Plus, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH

“All NEXUS volumes emphasize the critical skills and analogical thinking that are crucial for success on the SAT.” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

NEXUS – A Renaissance in Thinking (Common Core Aligned)



Softcover: 32 pages, 8 pages of color, 70-lb. glossy bond paper

Publisher: Pallas Communications, Inc. (1998)

Language: English


NEXUS is a nonprofit. Our mission is to provide secondary schools with highly engaging literature-based interdisciplinary learning materials that inspire students to read closely, link literature, history and art to their personal lives, and explore the nexus between disciplines, while exercising cross-curriculum thinking skills.

A portion of our proceeds is donated annually to UNICEF’S Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund.

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