BOOK: The Lion in Winter & the Middle Ages – CLASS SET of 25 books (min. order)



The Lion In Winter and the Middle Ages (Plus FREE teaching guidelines and FREE and FEE ONLINE lesson plans and supplements – see Lesson Plans and Supplements menus) – soft cover

Editor: Jesse Bryant Wilder

Authors and Consultants include: Don Bianchi, Vernard Foley (Historian of Technology, Purdue Univ., frequent contributor to Scientific American), Stephen Fliegel (Curator of Medieval Art, Cleveland Museum of Art and author of Arms and Armor: The Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Caporali Missal: A Masterpiece of Renaissance Illumination, and Higher Contemplation: Sacred Meaning in the Christian Art of the Middle Ages), Clyde Simpson (Observatory Coordinator, Cleveland Museum of Natural History), Jean Dubail, Dr. Ross Duffin (Chair of Early Music, Case Western Reserve University and author of Shakespeare’s Songbook), Carolyn Jack (theater and dance critic, Plain Dealer), Tom Scheuerman (Athens Ohio-based writer), Keith Joseph (Cleveland theater critic), Jesse Bryant Wilder (editor of NEXUS)

“The play is accessible and often funny. The teenage sons of Henry II will appeal to students, and the fine Hepburn/O’Toole film is widely available on video. The play is decidedly modern: witty anachronisms and ironic asides make that fact impossible to forget. Even if the play is not your principal focus, this unit is a good introduction to medieval life and literature.” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

“Chapters in [The Lion in Winter & the Middle Ages volume of NEXUS] provide any creative teacher with a cornucopia of ideas from which to draw lessons that cross the lines that usually separate subjects.” – Gene Maeroff, Breaking Ranks, NASSP, National Association of Secondary School Principals

“NEXUS serves as a powerful interdisciplinary resource for teachers by saving them a lot of legwork.” – National Council of History Education

NEXUS – A Renaissance in Thinking (Common Core Aligned)



Soft cover: 32 pages, 8 pages of color, 70-lb glossy bond

Publisher: Pallas Communications, Inc. (1998)

Language: English





NEXUS is a nonprofit. Our mission is to provide secondary schools with highly engaging literature-based interdisciplinary learning materials that inspire students to read closely, link literature, history and art to their personal lives, and explore the nexus between disciplines, while exercising cross-curriculum thinking skills.

A portion of our proceeds is donated annually to UNICEF’S Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund.

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