BOOK: The Grapes of Wrath & the American Dream – CLASS SET of 25 books (minimum order)



The Grapes of Wrath and the American Dream (Plus FREE teaching guidelines and FREE and FEE ONLINE supplements and lesson plans – see Lesson Plans and Supplements menus) – soft cover

Editor: Jesse Bryant Wilder

Authors and Consultants include: Susan Shillinglaw (Former Dir. of Nat’l Steinbeck Center, English Professor, San Jose State Univ.), Robert DeMott (leading Steinbeck scholar, Dept. of English, Ohio University, former director of Nat’l Steinbeck Ctr., served on editorial boards of the Steinbeck Quarterly and Steinbeck Review, and wrote the introductions and notes for three Steinbeck novels in Penguin Book’s Classic Series: The Grapes of Wrath, To a God Unknown, and Sweet Thursday), Francis V. O’Connor (leading New Deal Art and mural scholar), William Park (Professor of Literature and Film History, Sarah Lawrence College), Marlene Park (Professor of Art History, CUNY, Co-author of Democratic Vistas: Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal), Robert Hethmon (UCLA, editor of Strasberg at the Actors Studio, Tape-Recorded Sessions), Anne Loftis (Author of Witnesses to the Struggle, Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement and articles on Dust Bowl history), Lorraine Brown (Director of the Research Center for Federal Theatre at George Mason University and co-editor of Free, Adult, Uncensored, the Living History of the Federal Theatre Project), Kenneth J. Bindas (Professor of American History, Kent State Univ., author of All this Music Belongs to the Nation: the WPA’s Federal Music Project and American Society and Modernity and the Great Depression: The Transformation of American Society), Paul Ferguson ((Head of the Jazz Division, Dept. of Music, Case Western Reserve Univ., former trombonist for the new Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras, Director of the Ohio Jazz Orchestra for Youth, and contributor to Jazz Player magazine), Jesse Bryant Wilder (editor of NEXUS)

“The exercises in this exhilarating volume focus on observation skills; theme, variation, and repetition in the novel; period music, and art. Its 11 chapters reveal the social production of art in action by showing the interpenetration of all the arts — painting, music, film, journalism, theater, and novels — to produce social change. It is a sure-fire hit with students.”THE COLLEGE BOARD

“All NEXUS volumes emphasize the critical skills and analogical thinking that are crucial for success on the SAT.” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

NEXUS – A Renaissance in Thinking (Common Core Aligned)



Soft cover: 32 pages, 70-lb. glossy bond paper

Publisher: Pallas Communications, Inc. (1998)

Language: English




NEXUS is a nonprofit. Our mission is to provide secondary schools with highly engaging literature-based interdisciplinary learning materials that inspire students to read closely, link literature, history and art to their personal lives, and explore the nexus between disciplines, while exercising cross-curriculum thinking skills.

A portion of our proceeds is donated annually to UNICEF’S Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund.

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