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Julius Caesar and Ancient Rome, from Republic to Empire (Plus FREE teaching guidelines and FREE and FEE ONLINE supplements and lesson plans – see Lesson Plans and Supplements menus) – soft cover

Editor: Jesse Bryant Wilder

Authors and Consultants include: Dr. Tom Bishop (Case Western Reserve University, author of Shakespeare and the Theatre of Wonder), Dr. Jenifer Neils (Chair of the Dept. of Art History, Case Western Reserve University, author of Women in the Ancient World, Goddess and Polis, The Panathenaic Festival in Athens, The British Museum Concise Introduction to Ancient Greece, The Parthenon Frieze, former Vice-President for Publications of the Archaeological Institute of America and area editor for the 7-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome (2010), Dr. Martin Helze (Chair of Dept. of Classics, Case Western Reserve University), Dr. Vernard Foley (Purdue Univ., and a contributor to Scientific American),  Jesse Bryant Wilder (editor of NEXUS)

“[In the NEXUS chapter]‘SHAKESPEARE, CAESAR AND MYSTERIES OF THE MIND,’ five questions students might ask themselves (e.g., “When you feel timid, why do some people act more aggressive toward you?”) are linked with passages from Caesar’s Civil War and from Shakespeare’s play that insightfully explore these issues. The goal is to inspire students to mine metaphors for meaning and connect psychological insights in Shakespeare’s play to their own experiences. The COLLEGE BOARD review of this book summarizes the other chapters in this volume as follows: ‘BLOOD OF THE REPUBLIC: BATTLE OF PHILIPPI,’ an exciting narrative re-enactment of the battle, based on ancient accounts and modern scholarship, elucidates Act V of Shakespeare’s play; ‘NOBLEST ROMAN’ looks at the relationship between Caesar and Brutus, the character and Republicanism of Brutus and Antony, and the establishment of the Republic, with generous quotations from Shakespeare’s play; ‘JULIUS CAESAR: FATHER OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE’ expands on Cicero’s assessment of the emperor as a man who, ‘by a mixture of intimidation and indulgence…inculcated in a free community the habit of servitude.’ This chapter draws on compelling details from Sallust, Appian, Dio Cassius, and Plutarch to illustrate Caesar’s brilliance as well as his deviousness. A subsection on Caesar’s self-confidence and his vanity sums up his contradictions smartly, concluding where Shakespeare’s play begins; ‘ROMAN ART: REALITY OR MIRAGE?’ reinforces figurative language reading skills through wonderful illustrations of illusionistic mosaics, portraiture, and sculpture; ‘AFTERMATH OF THE ASSASSINATION’ explores the realignment of principal players: Cicero’s loyalty to Caesar’s heir, Octavius, against Antony; resistance of Antony and of Brutus; the cycle of revenge; and Antony and Cleopatra. Points out some differences between historical accounts and Shakespeare’s play; ‘GRUESOME GAMES’ examines the gladiators, arenas, and the political function of the games, with reference to the film Gladiator and a supplement on Spartacus; ‘CATAPULTS’ examines the physics and math of the catapult, including how to extract cube roots using calipers and calculate firing distances based on the weight of armatures. Also includes a supplement on Roman solar heating.”

“All NEXUS volumes emphasize the critical skills and analogical thinking that are crucial for success on the SAT.” – The College Board

NEXUS – A Renaissance in Thinking (Common Core Aligned)



Soft cover: 32 pages, 8 pages of color, 70-pound glossy bond paper

Publisher: Pallas Communications, Inc. (1998)

Language: English



NEXUS is a nonprofit. Our mission is to provide secondary schools with highly engaging literature-based interdisciplinary learning materials that inspire students to read closely, link literature, history and art to their personal lives, and explore the nexus between disciplines, while exercising cross-curriculum thinking skills.

A portion of our proceeds is donated annually to UNICEF’S Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund.

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