BOOK: Antigone and the Greek World – For Additional copies of this NEXUS volume



Antigone and the Greek World (Plus FREE teaching guidelines and FREE and FEE ONLINE lesson plans and supplements – see Lesson Plans and Supplements menus) soft cover

Editor: Jesse Bryant Wilder

Authors and Consultants include: Donald R. Laing (Chair of Department of Classics, Case Western Reserve Univ.), Jenifer Neils (Chair of Dept. of Art History, Case Western Reserve Univ., author of Women in the Ancient World, Goddess and Polis, The Panathenaic Festival in Athens, The British Museum Concise Introduction to Ancient Greece, The Parthenon Frieze, former Vice-President for Publications of the Archaeological Institute of America and area editor for the 7-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, 2010), Dr. Vernard Foley (Historian of Technology, Purdue Univ. and a frequent contributor to Scientific American), Philip Neuman (Ancient Music Specialist, Dept. of Music, Portland University, member of The Trail Band, and has performed with the Handel & Haydn Society Orchestra, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Magnificat, and Cappella Romana.), Gloria Wilder (Bay Village Art Teacher), Jesse Bryant Wilder (editor of NEXUS)

“Sections [of this vol.] detail Sophocles’ use of contrast and introduce the play’s theme, language, plot, and character. A section on maxims provides a lead-in to the “NEXUS four-step method of explication.” Another section explains how plays taught Athenians to debate, reason, and make decisions democratically; “Antigone’s Challenge” uses the play’s language alongside contemporary parallels to situate Antigone’s defiance of authority…” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

“All NEXUS volumes emphasize the critical skills and analogical thinking that are crucial for success on the SAT.” – THE COLLEGE BOARD

NEXUS – A Renaissance in Thinking (Common Core Aligned)



Softcover: 32 pages, 8 pages of color, 70-lb. glossy bond paper

Publisher: Pallas Communications, Inc. (1998)

Language: English


NEXUS is a nonprofit. Our mission is to provide secondary schools with highly engaging literature-based interdisciplinary learning materials that inspire students to read closely, link literature, history and art to their personal lives, and explore the nexus between disciplines, while exercising cross-curriculum thinking skills.

A portion of our proceeds is donated annually to UNICEF’S Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund.

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