Shakespeare Study Hall:
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Shakespeare in Stages

The Common Core emphasizes the importance of teaching Shakespeare, not because of his themes and plots (which are often borrowed), but because of his extraordinarily rich and challenging language.

Interpreting Shakespeare’s figurative language is one of the best brain workouts a student can have. The Online Shakespeare Study Hall is a virtual Brain Gymnasium where students will exercise and dramatically strengthen their critical and creative thinking skills.


By ISOLATING and INTERPRETING the most difficult figurative passages in a Shakespeare play, students learn to negotiate, interpret and appreciate his language. Students will struggle at first, like they struggle with quadratic equations, but the majority will manage and then succeed. Each successive year that students use the Shakespeare Study Hall, they will grow in their understanding and appreciation of the Bard; their ability to recognize and interpret his figurative language (and any figurative language) will soar and each student will broaden her or his world view through the lens of Shakespeare’s insights.