LAHSER HIGH SCHOOL, Bloomfield Hills, MI, Susan Neun, English Chair —

“We’ve had very successful experiences with NEXUS. The presentation is accessible to advanced and to regular students. This year we look forward to using The Grapes of Wrath volume [which was published at the end of the last school year, 1997-98]. It is just an excellent compilation of materials. I think these books are absolute treasures, just remarkable. For a single teacher especially, it just pulls everything together. The magazine can take the place of a team of teachers.”

APPLETON EAST HIGH SCHOOL, Appleton, WI, Michael W. Bergen, Communication Arts Chair —

“I haven’t seen any better material for connecting the curriculum, especially world literature and world history—and I have a lot of experience connecting the curriculum. In one instance, for example, my kids did their research topics on the artists and poets of the Harlem Renaissance and they created mini-documentaries on the artists or poets using the NEXUS materials. It went extremely well. You can see the editor has really done his research. His love of the material really shows.”

BALDWIN-WOODVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, Baldwin, WI, Marti Koller, English teacher —

“I have used the Macbeth issue thus far, and it helps the kids to realize that Shakespeare is contemporary and that we can relate literature to the real world. I am quite happy with the results I’ve received from my kids. Kids who are harder to engage enjoy the visuals and the real-world applications. Overall each volume provides research that any teacher would love to do, but doesn’t have the time to do, and the fact that NEXUS does it for us is very valuable.”

GREENHILLS SCHOOL, Ann Arbor, MI, Orelia Dann, history teacher —

"NEXUS magazines are wonderful! They are creative, scholarly and entertaining. The students love using them, and I just love the interdisciplinary approach. The magazines are also great for projects. I can send a group of students off to work from them. For example, we used HyperStudio and "Arab Astronomy" in The Lion in Winter volume with the 9th grade."

VALLEY FORGE HIGH SCHOOL, Parma, OH, Linda Meixner, English teacher —

“Even students who are difficult to manage are captivated by NEXUS magazine. My sophomores studied The Harlem Renaissance edition. The art reproductions, particularly valuable in conveying the essence of this important period in American literature, inspired my students to create their own illustrated blues poems.”

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY HIGH SCHOOL, Westchester, IL, Susan Ryan, English Chair —

“We have found the NEXUS volumes wonderful. They’ve been used in a number of classes in 10th, 11th and 12th grade, including our sophomore World Culture class, which incorporates World Literature and World History. We particularly like the correlations to art, and the students like to see the connections between different subject areas. They find that very interesting. We also find that NEXUS is particularly valuable to visual learners who are not engaged by traditional means.”

MAGNIFICAT HIGH SCHOOL, Rocky River, OH, Donna Sheridan, English teacher —

“The kids loved Romeo & Juliet and the Renaissance. It was exciting to watch them make the connections. We had an interdisciplinary week on Galileo and NEXUS fit in perfectly. They started with the Galileo articles in NEXUS and then used the magazine to explore other interdisciplinary connections. The kids couldn’t stop; they loved finding and making the connections. It was fascinating to see, very very exciting. NEXUS worked really well.”

LINCOLN-WEST HIGH SCHOOL, Cleveland, OH, Dr. Paulette Goll, English Chair — “NEXUS is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You’ve done an exceptional job on the Renaissance.”

LAND 'O LAKES HIGH SCHOOL, Land ‘O Lakes, FL, Katherine Sims, English teacher — “We’ve received two years of NEXUS subscriptions, and we think they are the most wonderful things that walk the earth.”

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