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"All NEXUS volumes emphasize the critical skills and analogical thinking that are crucial for success on the SAT."

THE GRAPES OF WRATH & THE AMERICAN DREAM, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

"The exercises in this exhilarating volume focus on observation skills; theme, variation, and repetition in the novel; period music, and art. Its 11 chapters reveal the social production of art in action by showing the interpenetration of all the arts — painting, music, film, journalism, theater, and novels — to produce social change. It is a sure-fire hit with students."

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus Grapes of Wrath Review

MACBETH & THE DARK AGES, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

"The wonderfully rich historical background — colorful anecdotes and clear, conversational accounts of family ties, political motives, events, and phenomena — will definitely enhance students' study of the play. The illustrations for the 14 short sections (one to three pages) of this volume are stunning: maps, production photos, beautiful reproductions of tapestries, and manuscript illuminations."

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus Macbeth Review

ANTIGONE & THE GREEK WORLD, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

"Antigone's Challenge" uses the play's language alongside contemporary parallels to situate Antigone's defiance of authority. Sections detail Sophocles' use of contrast and introduce the play's theme, language, plot, and character. A section on maxims provides a lead-in to the "NEXUS four-step method of explication." Another section explains how plays taught Athenians to debate, reason, and make decisions democratically.

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus Antigone Review

JULIUS CAESAR & ANCIENT ROME, FROM REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus Julius Caesar Review

ROMEO AND JULIET & THE RENAISSANCE, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

  1. The materials in this title, wide in scope but nicely detailed, are valuable to any teacher, and, as the editor points out, can be used with a variety of period texts. The magazine format is appealing, especially to younger students.

  2. The section "Leonardo da Vinci" examines Leonardo's methods of observation and investigation briefly but well. Outlines an activity for learning to "think like Leonardo."

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus Romeo and Juliet Review

THE LION IN WINTER & THE MIDDLE AGE, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

The play is accessible and often funny. The teenage sons of Henry II will appeal to students, and the fine Hepburn/O'Toole film is widely available on video. The play is decidedly modern: witty anachronisms and ironic asides make that fact impossible to forget. Even if the play is not your principal focus, this unit is a good introduction to medieval life and literature.

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus The Lion in Winter Review

THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE, Nexus Interdisciplinary Unit & Lesson Plans

"When Harlem Was Heaven." An exuberant three-page overview whose atmospheric approach does not fail to acknowledge that during that period, as Langston Hughes put it, "the Negro was in vogue." While recognizing that the "marketability" of African American culture was driven by white tourists, the introduction still gives a good accounting of the achievements made possible by the "vogue" and includes recollections of Harlem life from Hughes, Dorothy West, and others.

Full COLLEGE BOARD Nexus The Harlem Renaissance Review


"All NEXUS units combined make an excellent and thorough language arts course. The units are insightful and well written....I highly recommend the units."

Gene Maeroff - TEACHERS COLLEGE, Columbia University

"NEXUS is a remarkable publication, one of the best of its kind for promoting interdisciplinary work by students. Each volume reflects careful research and is filled with information that both engages students and advances their understanding of how the disciplines complement each other."

Director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and Media, Teachers College, Columbia University, Senior Fellow of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, & former National Education Correspondent of the New York Times.


"NEXUS is a visually exciting, reader friendly magazine with articles contributed by nationally known experts in their fields. Crisp scholarship, challenging activities, and teacher supplements make learning entertaining and challenging. NEXUS brings the past to life by using a lively writing style and colorful or intriguing anecdotes, and by highlighting the "story" in history." North Carolina Association of Independent Schools Newsletter


"With an impressive group of contributors and consultants, Publisher/Editor Jesse Bryant Wilder has put together a stunning set of challenging materials that will provide outstanding learning experiences for secondary students." Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented


"Songs of the Seventh Son is one of many thoughtful articles in The Harlem Renaissance volume of NEXUS....Each a hybrid of a well-written interdisciplinary textbook and a lively, attractive magazine." National Council of Teachers of English


"Essays in [The Lion in Winter & the Middle Ages volume of NEXUS] provide any creative teacher with a cornucopia of ideas from which to draw lessons that cross the lines that usually separate subjects." National Association of Secondary School Principals


"NEXUS serves as a powerful interdisciplinary resource for teachers by saving them a lot of legwork." National Council of History Education


"It looks like a magazine, 34 glossy pages packed with information — articles, illustrations, but unlike most periodicals, no advertisements. Reading Macbeth & the Dark Ages, I get the mental picture of a wheel with Shakespeare's play Macbeth at the center, and spokes radiating in all directions. Each spoke points to related material in language arts, history, science, music, art, and more. One of the ideas behind this curriculum is that a student who finds a particular subject boring may be drawn in by studying a related subject, and there's plenty of variety here to choose from....Black-and-white and glowing color illustrations enrich the impact of the text. Far from dry academic writing, the articles are written to stimulate interest and conversational in tone."

Electic Homeschool Online Macbeth Review


"Nexus: Julius Caesar & Ancient Rome from Republic to Empire is a great supplement for any Ancient World high school course. The thirty-page publication provides interesting information and excellent points for discussion to move students through the material....The Nexus magazine is well worth the $10.00/each to infuse eclectically succinct vignettes about Ancient Rome and Julius Caesar. A teacher's guide with supplementary lesson plans is also available. Please see related review."

Electic Homeschool Online Julius Caesar Review

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