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Nexus explores great works of literature like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Antigone, The Grapes of Wrath, The Lion in Winter and Harlem Renaissance poetry and fiction by placing the literature at the hub of a period-based, integrated curriculum unit.

The other major subjects - history, science, art and music - are the spokes of the interdisciplinary NEXUS wheel, all feeding back into and enhancing students understanding of the literature. Lesson plans and cross-curricular activities are included in the NEXUS GUIDELINES, which are free with class-set orders.


NEXUS chapters on figurative language help students, not only to probe complex figurative passages, but also to understand challenging literature in general, and to exercise analogical/metaphorical thinking skills, which are tested in multiple subject areas on the S.A.T.

NEXUS books utilize an engaging writing style and powerful links between literature and real life to motivate students and help them learn to make informed inferences about literary texts.

CLICK on the large NEXUS covers at the bottom of the home page for samples from Romeo and Juliet and the Renaissance, Macbeth and the Dark Ages, The Harlem Renaissance. and Antigone and the Greek World that illustrate the engaging NEXUS style and how NEXUS links learning to teenage life.

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