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See Lesson 2: "Langston Hughes & the Blues" at the Rock and Roll Hall ofFame site. The NEXUS Harlem Renaissance volume is recommended in the "FURTHER READING" List for this unit.

We also recommend the following PBS site:

INTERDISCIPLINARY GREAT DEPRESSION & THE GRAPES OF WRATH is a very helpful website for students to use in conjunction with THE GRAPES OF WRATH & THE AMERICAN DREAM volume of NEXUS.

See Rock Hall Lesson 9, "Woody Guthrie & the GRAPES OF WRATH," teach in conjunction with THE GRAPES OF WRATH & THE AMERICAN DREAM volume of NEXUS.


Let students become cultural detectives in Ancient Greece. To be studied in conjunction with the ANTIGONE & THE GREEK WORLD volume of NEXUS.

Excellent samples of Greek art, many of which can be interpreted using the NEXUS approach outlined in our ANTIGONE & THE GREEK WORLD volume, can befound at the following sites:

See Metropolitan Museum of Art Galleries 155, 157, and 159


Excellent examples of medieval manuscripts and art can be accessed at the sites below. To be taught in conjunction with either the MACBETH & THE DARKAGES volume of NEXUS or THE LION IN WINTER & THE MIDDLE AGES volume of NEXUS.

See medieval manuscripts in gallery 113 and Unicorn Tapestries in Gallery 117


Early Renaissance and Renaissance painting. To be taught in conjunction with the NEXUS ROMEO & JULIET AND THE RENAISSANCE volume.

For examples of High Renaissance art, including six of the museum's superb Raphaels, click on the logo below.

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