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Select one or more of the IN-SERVICE TOPICS; then choose one of the PROGRAMS below (or a combination of them) to determine the focus of the in-service.

1. Incorporating history and visual art into the language arts/English curriculum. You may modify this program by including a one-hour workshop on one of the following specialty topics on painting/poetry:

2. The Interdisciplinary Art and Poetry of William Blake

3. Paintings and Poetry of the Pre-Raphaelites/Victorians

4. The Metaphorical Art and Poetic Writings of Frida Kahlo

5. Strategies for exercising critical and creative thinking skills in literature and history. This in-service focuses on interpreting interdisciplinary patterns/themes and critical reading; for example, if you choose one of the Shakespeare volumes as your in-service topic, we will explore creative ways of teaching students to appreciate and interpret the bard s complex language and themes. Then we will critically examine related history. For the Harlem Renaissance and other topics, we similarly explore creative ways of interpreting literature and history.

6. Helping students develop scientific writing skills in their English and Science classes. For example, in the Romeo and Juliet and the Renaissance in-service, we explore Bertolt Brecht s play Galileo and compare key scenes from the play with sections of Galileo s own writings and the Galileo chapter in NEXUS. Students learn that writing about science helps them organize and clarify their thoughts about the subject. Also, they become more sensitive to causal relationships in science and in their own prose; consequently, their writing becomes more precise. (For details on this program and how it applies to other in-service topics contact Pallas Communications at 216- 661-6548)

All NEXUS In-Services are interactive and explore ways of linking the disciplines and reinforcing content and thinking skills.

The Harlem Renaissance
The Grapes of Wrath and the American Dream
Antigone and the Greek World
Julius Caesar and Ancient Rome, From Republic to Empire
Macbeth and the Dark Ages
Romeo and Juliet and the Renaissance
The Lion in Winter and the Middle Ages

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