DR. ROSS DUFFIN: Fynette H. Kulas Professor and Chair of the Department of Music, Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Duffin’s specialty is Early Western Music.

YUSEF KOMUNYAKAA: PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING POET, 1994, for NEON VERNACULAR; Associate Professor of English at Princeton University. Komunyakaa’s other poetry books include: MAGIC CITY and I APOLOGIZE FOR THE EYES IN MY HEAD. He also edited THE JAZZ POETRY ANTHOLOGY, 1991.

DR. VERNARD FOLEY: A frequent contributor to SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY; Associate Professor and historian of technology, Purdue University.

DR. ROBERT E. DUNN: Assistant Professor of the Department of Music Education, Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Dunn is also a former middle school teacher.

DR. DIANE SCILLIA: Associate Professor of Art History, Kent State University.

CLYDE SIMPSON: Astronomy Instructor, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and an Observer for the Solar Section of the American Association of Variable Star Observers.

DR. TOM BISHOP: Author of SHAKESPEARE AND THE THEATRE OF WONDER, Cambridge University Press, 1996; Associate Professor of English, Case Western Reserve University.


PAUL S. FERGUSON: Head of the Jazz Division of the Department of Music of Case Western Reserve University, former trombonist for the GLENN MILLER and TOMMY DORSEY Orchestras, trombonist for the Canton Symphony, contributing writer to JAZZ PLAYER magazine, director of the Ohio Jazz Orchestra for Youth, jazz composer and recipient of the Gil Evans Fellowship in Jazz Composition.

CAROLYN JACKSON SMITH: Associate Professor of Theater and African American Studies, Oberlin College. Jackson Smith is also a stage director whose credits include, Adrienne Kennedy’s FUNHOUSE OF A NEGRO at New York Public Theater and Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland’s FROM THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA, Portland Stage Company, Maine.

STEPHEN FLIEGEL: Assistant Curator of Early Western Art, Cleveland Museum of Art.

DR. ATWOOD GAINES: Professor of Psychology, Case Western Reserve University, blues guitarist and rock and roll authority.

CAROLYN JACK: Free-lance dance and drama critic for the Plain Dealer.

DR. JENIFER NEILS: Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History, and Chair of the Department of Art History and Art, Case Western Reserve University. Editor of WORSHIPPING ATHENA: PANATHENIA AND PARTHENON, published by University of Wisconsin Press, 1996. Dr. Neils also wrote the exhibition catalogue for the 1992 international exhibition Goddess and Polis.

DR. LEO AYLEN: Author of THE GREEK THEATER, published by Associated University Presses, poet, stage and film director, whose credits include two productions of Plato dialogues for British television and a translation of Aristophanes’ The Birds for the BBC. His poetry books include I, Odysseus, Discontinued Design and Dancing the Impossible: New & Selected Poems.

DR. PHIL NEUMAN: Professor of Music, University of Portland (Oregon) and member of De Organographia whose CD Music of the Ancient Greeks contains most of the surviving pieces of Greek music performed on copies of period instruments.

DR. DON LAING: Chair of Department of Classics, Case Western Reserve University, specializing in epigraphy and Greek history.

DR. DAVID BERNSTEIN: Esther Raushenbush Professor of Humanities, History and Art History at Sarah Lawrence College. Dr. Bernstein is the author of THE MYSTERY OF THE BAYEUX TAPESTRY (1986).

GLORIA WILDER: Artist and Art teacher at Bay Middle School in Bay Village, Ohio.

DON BIANCHI: Playwright, free-lance writer and co-founder of Dobama Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.

ANNE LOFTIS: Author of Witnesses to the Struggle, Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement (1998). Loftis has also written many articles on California and Dust Bowl history.

WILLIAM PARK: Author of The Idea of Rococo & Professor of literature & film history, Sarah Lawrence College.

LORRAINE BROWN: Director of the Research Center for Federal Theatre at George Mason University and co-editor of Free, Adult, Uncensored, the Living History of the Federal Theatre Project.

ROBERT HETHMON: Editor of Strasberg at the Studio and former Professor of Theater at UCLA. Mr. Hethmon is currently writing books about Harold Clurman and about the Group Theatre.

FRANCIS V. O’CONNOR: Ph.d, editor of Art for the Millions, Essays from the 1930s by Artists and Administrators of the WPA Federal Art Project (1973), editor of The New Deal Art Projects: An Anthology of Memoirs (1972, Smithsonian Institution Press).

MARLENE PARK: Co-author of Democratic Vistas: Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal.

ROBERT DEMOTT: A member of the Steinbeck Quarterly’s advisory board, former director of San Jose University’s Steinbeck Research Center, editor of Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, and Professor of American Literature at Ohio University. Mr. DeMott was awarded a Burkhardt Prize for his contributions to Steinbeck studies.

SUSAN SHILLINGLAW: Director of San Jose University’s Steinbeck Research Center

JESSE BRYANT WILDER: Editor and founder of NEXUS. Mr. Wilder is a college and certified secondary English teacher and award-winning journalist, the author of Art History For Dummies (Wiley 2007), as well as a theater, film and art critic. His articles have appeared in American Theatre, Film Comment, Literature/Film Quarterly, The Los Angeles Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Plain Dealer, Commerical Appeal (Memphis), Toledo Blade and the Akron Beacon Journal. He is a former lecturer for the Kent State University Department of English, and the former senior editor of Northern Ohio LIVE magazine.
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