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NEXUS ART chapters teach art interpretation and art history, while reinforcing analogical thinking and observation skills (the students are asked to identify and interpret visual metaphors, contrasts and patterns), which help students perform well on the analogy section of the SAT (20% of the test). Lesson plans and cross-curricular art activities are included in the NEXUS GUIDELINES, which are free with class-set orders of NEXUS books.

  1. The Cleveland Medea krater illustrates a scene from Euripides famous tragedy Medea. The vase was painted about 30 years after the first performance of the play in Athens.

  2. In the chapter GREEK ART: VISUAL STORYTELLING (Antigone and the Greek World), students learn to read the visual narrative and symbols, metaphors and contrasts on the vase.

  3. Lesson plans that teach students to intrepret other mythological Greek vase paintings and to illustrate their own Greek vases are included in the NEXUS interdisciplinary guidelines that accompany class-set orders of ANTIGONE AND THE GREE WORLD. An additional supplement includes a lesson for teaching Keats's Ode on a Grecian Urn.
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