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Whatís a Nextbook?
A nextbook is a hybrid of a well-written, interdisciplinary textbook and a lively, attractive magazine. It's the best of both worlds and the NEXT level in textbooks.

Each NEXTBOOK explores the literature, history, art, music and science of a period in relation to a great literary work (or works): Romeo & Juliet and the Renaissance, The Harlem Renaissance, The Grapes of Wrath & the American Dream, Antigone & the Greek World, Macbeth & the Dark Ages, The Lion in Winter & the Middle Ages. The LINKS in a nextbook function something like the links in a WEB site. (See below.)

Nexus Connects:

Nextbooks focus on linking and thinking. Each volume links all subject areas to a literary masterpiece and to each other, and connects academic content to studentís everyday lives. This gives students multiple entry points into the academic world--or into the house of learning. If students find one doorway uninviting, they enter by another. Once inside, they discover that all the rooms (subjects) are interconnected, and that learning in one area reinforces and enriches learning in all other subjects. Even science and art are intimately interconnected in nextbooks (see content summaries by clicking on titles above).

Linking is Thinking:

Whether itís making an analogy as Galileo did when he discovered there are mountains on the moon (see Romeo & Juliet and the Renaissance), interpreting a metaphor in a novel or play (see all volumes), connecting the history of the Great Depression to John Steinbeckís novel, The Grapes of Wrath (see The Grapes of Wrath & the American Dream), linking the study of the physics of the crossbow to the history of the Middle Ages and the invention of flying machines (see The Lion in Winter & the Middle Ages), or drawing parallels between academic learning and studentsí personal interests and concerns (see all volumes), NEXUS teaches students to link and think.


By teaching students cross-curriculum thinking skills, such as analogical thinking and pattern recognition, which are reinforced again and again in all subjects, students develop into better observers, better inductive and deductive thinkers, and dramatically improved writers and readers.

By making learning highly engaging and relevant (see sample chapters), nextbooks take all students to the NEXT level in learning, high-level thinking.

And, of course, students learn to recognize and appreciate the nexus between disciplines.

NEXUS now serves more than 50,000 students across the US. Click Here to see what teachers who use NEXUS have to say about the product, and to see our list of contributors and consultants click here.

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